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    Financial Office MERQUS meets the needs of the entrepreneurs and  combines elements of legal and investment consultancy.

The strength of MERQUS lies in its young, highly educated team of highly educated who undertake their duties with professionalism and dedication. We offer our service  in negotiating and drafting contracts, making projects of contracts, liquidate conflicts and also an organization transformation of the enterprise.

Our main focus is to provide a more secure environment for commercial transactions by offering legal aid in debt and asset recovery. Service of claim by MERQUS simply means establishing secure terms for future transactions. We consult in problems connected with insolvency of debtors, taking under account cash flow of the potential business partners, their market position, credibility of the management or debt ratio depending on the branch of industry in which they operate.

Our Clients trust us because of our effectiveness and feeling of security bound up with the individual approach to the entrusted matters.



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