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    It is all in the past when law was so simple that only one lawyer was able to advise in all matters. Presently, no one is able to wade through constantly changing legal acts alone. That is why in the lawyers’ branch a team work and complex service may be reached thanks to expertise of individual lawyers. Such a rule is realized at MERQUS Financial Office.

Complex legal service is just our chief asset so many Clients entrust us in service regarding their enterprises. Only these lawyers who expertise in a given branch of law are able to  give the most suitable answers. It saves time necessary for tasks realization and assure a high quality service.

Lawyers of MERQUS Financial Office prepares penetrating analysis in

  • commercial law

  • civil law

  • administrative law

  • right to work

  • business law

  • international law

    Lawyers of MERQUS Financial Office deal with many foreign and Polish Clients running their business abroad. We have a constant contact  with foreign law firms. We cooperate with lawyers from Germany, Czech Republic, France, Taiwan, Great Britain and USA thanks to it, we can fully satisfy our Clients.

Our team can speak English, German, Russian and Chinese.

Financial Office MERQUS employs lawyers of adequate knowledge and experience what permits to avoid unforeseen accidents.