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      A significant number of private entrepreneurs conduct their business underestimating the risk associated with commercial transactions. As a consequence, they are often caught unawares and thus are ill-equipped to deal with the resultant problems, among which the most common are:

     - Non-existence of the company premises at the official address
     - Unscrupulous abuse of the existing inconsistencies in legal provisions by the management board, delegating
       unauthorized persons to sign a contract
     - Unclear organizational structure
     - Acquisition of goods at the expense of the creditor
     -  Bankruptcy abuse (strategic bankruptcy)
     - Hostile takeovers

Information is one of the tools that enable private businesses to enter commercial dealings  with confidence. Our experts assist in verifying as well as collecting more background information on a potential business partner, such as his history of payment, so that the company which awaits the payment of the contractual obligations, and which has taken out a bank loan itself, does not incur any additional costs.

Reports compiled by our experts contain comprehensive information on the proposed business partner, such as:
     - Type of company and its legal status
     - Persons authorized to represent the company
     - Financial links among different companies 
     - Correspondence addresses
     - Financial data
     - Employment data

Every case is treated on individual basis to meet the demands of our clients.